home testware is an examination software and an essential education tool for the students of every Computing school. It is a completed simulation software for the examinations of the various programmes of ECDL for additional students practice from their home.

home testware includes exercises and video lessons with more than 1.000 questions, the most of any other respective software. The questions are updated regularly so that they correspond properly in the most recent syllabus of the ECDL programmes.

home testware software sales of units until today

The update is done automatically through the web in a few minutes. It is very small in size, requires minimal resources and works in all computers. It is the only electronic learning software that is certified from the ECDL Cyprus.

The trainees practice in an environment similar to that of the examinations with the goal of the absolute success and they can execute simulation exercises in an examination environment for better preparation. home testware expands and fills the education and the practice that the schools offer in their classes. The schools can manage their students and watch their progress through the home testware platform.

Support Centre

The Support Centre is available to you any time, any day.

Please report to us any problem you face, either technical or educational. Also, we appreciate your suggestions for the software improvement so that it satisfies your needs better.

In order to contact us click here.

Order - Purchase - Operation

home testware is only sold to schools, that have a testware account, with the units method. Each unit corresponds to one set of exercises assigned to one student. The purchasing procedure is very simple. After you decide the number of home testware units you need for the students of your school, send us your order at [email protected] including the details below:

  • Name of school/company
  • Full name
  • Town/Village
  • Telephone
  • Number of units (minimum 10)

After we receive your order, we will reply to you as soon as possible with payment instructions. When the payment is settled, the home testware access codes will be sent to you.

Using these codes you must connect with your account at the home testware platform, from where you can create user codes for your students and assign to them sets of exercises for practice. You can add units to your account following the above purchasing procedure again.

Your students, using their own user codes, must connect to the home testware platform, install the software on their computer and practice the set of exercises that they have been assigned.

For more information contact us at 7000 4000.

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