"ECDL The Complete Teaching Coursebooks" written by Christos Christou, are useful tools which were absent from the market of Cyprus. Since September of 2003, when the first edition was released in one single volume, thousands of copies have been sold in all over Cyprus. In September of 2006 the second edition of the book was released. Intermediately, in July of 2006, the book was granted with special edition in the Pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth for the training of the Secondary and Technical Education teachers. In September of 2010 the third edition of the book was released, updated to the syllabus version 5.0 and in August of 2011 the fourth edition. In September of 2013 the book was separated and released in 3 individual volumes, covering in full the new ECDL Standard (fifth edition). In January of 2017 the books began to be gradually given to the students of the Gymnasiums as well, after the decision of the Council of Ministers for providing ECDL certification services in the Gymnasiums. In September of 2018 the sixth edition was released.

They are the first books in the entire Panhellenic that were evaluated and certified by the Cyprus Computer Society (official representative of ECDL in Cyprus) on the official syllabus of ECDL Standard. They are, also, the only books that have received and still receiving such a great response in the Information Technology and Computing sector. The aim of the books is the help to the instructor to transmit and to the trainee to embed or to deepen his knowledge in the various computer programmes that are required. On the other hand, the goal of the books is the help to the trainee to succeed in the ECDL Standard examinations.

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Current Editions

These bilingual (English and Greek) books can be used by both the teacher and the student and are not simply usual theoretical books. The theory, of course, is presented and explained where necessary, but these books are based on the step-by-step strategy providing the ability for a lot of practice, which is the key point for the success of the ECDL Standard programme. They are published in 3 separate volumes. They have been published in 3 individual volumes and include 7 modules in total, number that is required for obtaining the ECDL Standard certificate.

Volume 1 – ISBN 978-9925-7466-0-6
Price: €25,00

Volume 2 – ISBN 978-9925-7466-1-3
Price: €25,00

Volume 3 – ISBN 978-9925-7466-2-0
Price: €25,00

Past Editions

Special Editions for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth