Our company is spreading in four areas of education and our head offices are located in the Larnaca city centre.

  • Teaching students
  • Teaching adults
  • Writing and selling books
  • Creating and selling software

The first area concerns the teaching of English, Computers, Mathematics, Physical Lessons (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and Philological Lessons (Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, History, Latin) to students of Elementary, Gymnasium and Lyceum. Also, the operation of a Study Centre for students of Elementary and Gymnasium with transportation from the school, food, study and entertainment.

The second area concerns the teaching of English and Computers to adults and/or organised groups.

The third area concerns the writing and selling of books about the various programmes of ECDL.

The fourth area concerns the creation and selling of the testware and home testware education and examination software, for the various programmes of ECDL.

Our education centre is approved and certified from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth for teaching English, Computers, Mathematics, Physical Lessons, Philological Lessons and Elementary Lessons (File Number It is, also, an approved ECDL education and examination centre from the Cyprus Computer Society and the ECDL Cyprus, as well as from the British Council and the University of Cambridge for the Cambridge International (IGCSE and GCE 'A' Level) and Cambridge English (Young Learners, KET, PET, FCE and IELTS).

Taking always into our consideration the qualitative and efficient education, no one leaves from our education centre without achieving his goal, either this is just learning and/or the success in the various examinations offered.

Our history

In September of 1996, the first education centre with the name CYBER Kids established and operated at Faneromeni region in Larnaca, with exclusive aim the education of students of all ages in Computers. Throughout the years, we expanded in the education of adults and organised groups. In 1998, the second education centre operated at Drosia region in Larnaca. In 2000, two more CYBER Kids education centres operated at Agioi Anargyri region in Larnaca and in Pervolia. In 2002, the education centre in Pervolia moved at Meneou - Dromolaxia region and at the same time the fifth education centre operated as well in Xylofagou.

In the summer of 2003, under the first phase of the general reorganisation of the company's structure, the three education centres in the city of Larnaca moved and merged into a 250 sq.m. owned building at Chrysopolitissa region in the city centre. The aim of this change was to create an education centre with high standards, in order to provide even more qualitative education in a better environment with fully equipped classrooms and modern premises. At the same time, the selling of the first book with title "ECDL The Complete Teaching Coursebook" began as well, with the sales exceeding every expectation.

In the summer of 2005, the second phase of the general reorganisation of the company's structure completed with the change of its name to eduCYBER education and at the same time the sharing of its activities in four areas. In educating students, in educating adults, in writing and selling books and in creating and selling education and examination software. At the same time, the education centre in Xylofagou moved into a new 150 sq.m. building.

In September of 2009, the selling of the testware education and examination software for the various programmes of ECDL began as well. A software that is sold with the user licenses method and is used by almost all the private schools, the private institutes and all the public Gymnasiums and State Institutes of Education.

In April of 2011, the education centre in Larnaca expanded to the first floor of the existing premises as well. This expansion created additional area of 150 sq.m. for teaching other lessons as well and for conducting seminars and examinations.

In May of 2016, the education centre in Xylofagou transferred to another person and so removed from the company's structure.

In July of 2017, the education centre expanded again adding 200 sq.m. more to the existing premises. Aim of this new expansion was the exclusive service of the increased needs of the Study Centre, with new classrooms, dining area and special entertainment area.

In March of 2020, the selling of the home testware education and examination software for the various programmes of ECDL began. A software that is sold with the units method and is used for additional students practice from their home.

A few words from our Principal

"Since 1996 we became synonymous with the qualitative education and the Pancyprian pioneering. With a continuous creative and qualitative presence from then to date, we have educated thousands of students, hundreds of adults and tens of organised groups. The selection of worthy and dedicated instructors is the secret of our success for years. The instructors who work in our education centre are academically and professionally fully certified and qualified, with experience in teaching their lessons for all the ages and levels. With their main concern being the personal care to each student, depending on the age, the temperament and the learning level, the education is achieved efficiently and qualitatively. Taking always into our consideration the preparation of responsible citizens for the tomorrow's society, we thank you that you entrust us and you have appointed us in the best education centres in Cyprus."

Christos Christou

Dip. Tech. Eng., B.Eng., M.B.A.


Organised groups we educated